Katie O'Leary, M.A., LPC

  Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

                      Yoga Teacher

                    EMDR Trained

 "I'm not the monk on the mountain, I am in the trenches with you." - Seerut K. Chawla MDACP


I knew I wanted to be a Mental Health Therapist when I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand and worked in the community after the devastating earthquake in 2011. Through listening and talking to community members I became interested in how a devastating event impacts the body and mind connection and how resilience ensues. 

With this new insight, I moved back to the States and attended Salve Regina University for Graduate School. I studied Holistic Counseling where I learned about the medical AND the holistic model to health. Here, my fascination grew with understanding the mind-body connection in regards to trauma, anxiety, and chronic stress. After school, I continued studying yoga, meditation, mindfulness, chakras, different spiritual practices, connection with nature, food as medicine, EMDR, and the power of treating oneself with love and kindness. I will never stop studying and learning different approaches to Mental Health Treatment. 


 I have worked as a Therapist in the Department of Corrections, an Outpatient Facility, a Methadone Clinic, and worked with Probation and Parole. Prior to becoming a Mental Health Therapist, I worked in the Social Service field for over ten years at different YMCAs (Camp/Teen/Family Director). Today I work full-time at my private practice with the focus on trauma, chronic stress, and anxiety treatment. I work with both the body and mind in treatment through a top down and bottom up processing approach. I'm here to be a guide with you on your journey.



Therapy Dog In Training

Freya not currently in session due to COVID-19

I am a three year old Mini American Shepherd who likes having a purpose and offering support. I like to sit next to you on the couch, under the couch if you are doing well, or right next to your feet. If I hear anger I will put my head on your knee, if I see some tears I will offer kisses or take some pets. I am working on passing the Therapy Dog exam.  When not working, I like to chase the ducks outside The Velvet Mill, watch Animal Planet, hike around Barn Island, and make people laugh.


The Velvet Mill

22 Bay View Ave Suite #4G

Stonington, CT 06378



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