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Therapy Process

"So many of us are living our lives as if the beliefs, thoughts, and stories we hold about ourselves are true. We're so intertwined with what we've learned about ourselves and the world, how we needed to be rowing up, what others want us to be, what would happen if we were actually ourselves, and what we'd lose by being honest.

We cling onto passing thoughts as if they represent reality. We grasp onto old stories that have long felt comfortable but painful. We look for proof that how we feel about ourselves is actually true, because facing the fact that we're good, whole, and enough underneath what we've long belief about ourselves is too scary, too uncertain, too new.

We forget that we weren't' born feeling the way we do, believing what we believe, or living into stories we're currently living into. We weren't born thinking we're not enough, questioning our worth, or desperately wanting to be different or better than we are. We learn these things. We inherit these beliefs. We integrate these stories in the context of our lives because it's all we knew of know how to do with the limited vantage point we've been seeing through.

I can't convince you that you are good, worthy, and whole right this second. I cant' force you to unravel the stories you're carrying about yourself that are abusive and untrue. I can't make you remember the truth of who you are.

What I can do, though, is reminding you of what's underneath the pile of heaviness and pain you've collected over the years. I can remind you of how good you are. I can remind you that nothing about you needs to change before you can become worthy(you already are).

I can remind you that just because you believe something about yourself doesn't mean it's fact. I can remind you that the weight of repeating old stories, patterns, and beliefs that aren't' serving you is harder than the work of remembering who you actually are and showing up for the truth of you.

I can ask you:

Who are you underneath the conditioning? Who might you be beyond your story? What in you is waiting to be noticed? What parts of you are desperate for your compassion? What beliefs are begging to be let go of? What needs remembering? What needs to be acknowledged? What needs to be forgiven, allowed received, released, restored, renewed, remembered?

May this be a reminder that you get to choose what beliefs you hold onto and which ones you work to honor and let go of. You get to choose what you pay attention to. You get to choose how you treat yourself as you navigate this learning and unlearning. You get to choose your next move. You get to choose to work towards remembering your goodness, wholeness, and enoughness that might be buried but has never left you.

The work of unlearning our stories, thoughts and beliefs that aren't supporting us is hard, but in to live a life our of alignment with the truth of who we actually are is harder. May you remember this as you continue showing up for yourself, moving forward, and remembering the truth of who you are." - Lisa Olivera (#lisaoliveratherapy)